2018 6th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Information will be held in University of Macau during September 8-10, 2018. ICCEI aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professinals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professionals practice in the field of communication and electronics information.

We welcome researchers, engineers, students, industry, investors and people from all walks of life interested in communication and electronics information to attend the conference and share your experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop opportunities for cooperation.

Conference Track

Communication Engineering

QoS Provisioning and Architectures, Telecommunication Services and Applications, Wireless Networking, Optical Communications, Multimedia Communications, Network Performance, Innovative Networking Technologies...

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Electronics Information

Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, VLSI Design and Fabrication, Photonic Technologies, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Data Mining, Cryptography, Algorithms and Data Structures, Graphs and Combinatorics, E-commerce and E-learning, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Networking, Signal Processing...

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What's New

September 12, 2018, News! ICCEI 2018 has run smoothly during September 8-10 in University of Macau. We'd like to thank you all for your participation and hope to see you again at ICCEI 2019. (Click)

August 20, 2018, News! Prof. Yungcheol Byun will give a keynote speech at the conference. The speech title is "Topic Classification using RNN: A Combined Approach towards Topic Discovery".(Click)

August 1, 2018, News! Assoc. Prof. Dong Li will give a plenary speech at the conference. The speech title is "Ambient Backscatter Radio: A New Paradigm for Passive Communication and Green Internet of Things".(Click)

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