April 26, 2019, News! The submission deadline has been extended to May 25, 2019. (Click)
December 07, 2018, News!
The organizing committee has decided that ICCEI 2019 will be hold in Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea during September 7-9, 2019. And the submission is open now.(Click)
September 12, 2018, News!
ICCEI 2018 has run smoothly during September 8-10 in University of Macau. We'd like to thank you all for your participation and hope to see you again at ICCEI 2019. (Click)
August 20, 2018, News!
Prof. Yungcheol Byun will give a keynote speech at the conference. The speech title is "Topic Classification using RNN: A Combined Approach towards Topic Discovery".(Click)
August 1, 2018, News!
Assoc. Prof. Dong Li will give a plenary speech at the conference. The speech title is "Ambient Backscatter Radio: A New Paradigm for Passive Communication and Green Internet of Things".(Click)
April 8, 2018, Good news!
The conference venue has been confirmed. ICCEI 2018 will be held in University of Macau. (Click)
November 29, 2017, Important News!
ICCEI 2018 will take place in Macau during September 8-10. The submission is already open now. (Click)
September 5, 2017, Important News! ICCEI 2017 has been successfully held in NEC, Singapore during September 1-3. (Click)
July 21, 2017, Important News! The conference date of ICCEI has changed to September 1-3, which will be jointly held with ICITE 2017.
June 21, 2017, News! The submission deadline has been extended to July 20, 2017. (Click)
May 22, 2017, News! ICCEI 2017 will take place at Nanyang Executive Centre. (Click)
April 1, 2017, News! The submission for ICCEI 2017 is open now, Submission Deadline is May 10. (Click)